6x Medium Roast Decaf Coffee 12 oz Bag - Bundle
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6x Medium Roast Decaf Coffee 12 oz Bag - Bundle
6x Medium Roast Decaf Coffee 12 oz Bag - Bundle
6x Medium Roast Decaf Coffee 12 oz Bag - Bundle
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6x Medium Roast Decaf Coffee 12 oz Bag - Bundle

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  • Single-Origin, 100% Arabica Bean: Our coffee beans are sourced from a single origin, ensuring consistency and quality in every batch. We exclusively use 100% Arabica beans, known for their superior flavor and aroma, to create a coffee that's rich, smooth, and satisfying.
  • Swiss Water Process: We pride ourselves on using the Swiss Water Process, a state-of-the-art method that removes caffeine from coffee beans without the use of chemicals. This gentle process ensures that the natural flavors and aroma of the coffee beans are preserved, resulting in a smooth and flavor
  • Third-Party Tested: We take quality and safety seriously, which is why we subject every batch of our coffee to rigorous third-party testing. Our coffee is tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, acrylamides, pesticides, and over 400 other toxins, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of purity a
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The best decaf coffee on the planet. 


How is our coffee decaffeinated? Chemical free, that's how:

The 100% chemical-free Swiss Water Process begins by soaking high-quality green coffee beans in pure clean water to create what we call “flavor-charged water”. This step occurs only once, and these original beans are then discarded. The flavor-charged water is then run through a carbon filter, which traps only the caffeine molecules in the carbon’s pores. 

Next the flavor-charged water, now decaffeinated, is circulated over the green coffee beans and the caffeine, not the flavor, naturally flows out of the beans – simple diffusion. Because the water is already saturated with flavor components, any possible flavor crossover or removal that might occur is held to an absolute minimum. This is why the Swiss Water Process maintains coffee flavor and complexity so accurately, without adding foreign “process” flavors to the coffees.

Individual hand selection

Your cup of Lifeboost  Medium Roast Decaf Coffee comes from coffee beans that have been individually hand selected as the premium bean(s) of a harvest. Your coffee beans are lovingly cultivated by local farmers, after being grown slowly to full maturity in mountain shade. Your beans are hand-picked — one at a time to provide the highest in Gourmet blends — and then fermented for 26 hours so the skin can be carefully removed without damaging the seed. No pesticides are ever used. Next, your beans are spring water washed, then slowly sun-dried until they have the perfect humidity content of 11.5%. Finally, your beans transition into a 30-day “rest” period, which allows the beans to slowly complete their taste-enhancing richness. You literally are getting the “cream of the crop” in layman’s terms.

  • Hand picked, Spring water washed, Sun Dried
  • Hand roasted
  • 3rd party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, Acrylimides, pesticides + 400 other toxins!
  • Mountain Shade Grown
  • Fairly Traded
  • Single Origin, 100% Arabica Bean
  • Decaffeinated by swiss water method

 From the heart of the Americas to your morning cup, the world’s most exquisite, richest, 100% Arábica beans have been roasted to perfection. Mountain shade grown, hand picked, spring water washed, sun dried, and roasted and packed when ordered. It doesn’t get any better. Our # 1 attribute is QUALITY. Our farms and acreage have always been maintained with the highest respect for the land and surrounding environment.

 The mountains of Nicaragua is where only the highest varieties of Arábica and Maragogipe bean are grown. Pesticides are not used. The ripening process is slow, to guarantee the final product has all the organo-leptic properties of a world-class coffee. It’s unique washing, sun drying, and humidity process, combined with a “rest” period for the beans, are only a few of the “secrets” to this——-the finest gourmet coffee on the planet. The roasting process of Lifeboost Coffee separates us from the all the other coffees you will find.

The coffee can be described as a well rounded and balanced cup.  It is a rich and bold coffee with undertones of chocolate and caramel with a slight fruitiness----- some even say slightly sweet. It has an intense and delicious aroma that is very unique, and is a cup that has medium to low acidity.

 The experienced eye, nose, and hand of the master roasters will guarantee you the best of the best. That is our promise. Thank you………Muchas Gracias………for trying our coffee!


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16 Reviews

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Ruth Furfaro
It's great!

I have been buying this for quite a while and really don't like anything else. Does not upset your stomach or have any bad after effects. Taste is wonderful, you can't even tell it's decaf! I recommend it hardly and I'm about ready to order six more! Thank you for such a quality, wonderful, fantastic product.

Susan Lasota
Loving the decaf flavor

I recently learned that due to my health I can no longer have caffeine so switched to Lifeboost Decaf Medium Roast and the flavor is still great. \nI enjoy my cup of coffee every morning without any heartburn or upset stomach that I used to get from other coffees. Knowing the quality and integrity that comes with Lifeboost Coffee, low acid and high alkaline, it gives me peace of mind too. I\x92ve learned not all coffees are created equal. \nThanks Lifeboost ??

cathi aucoin
Love this coffee

I have issues with Acid Reflux and this is the only coffee I can drink. I was drinking it for a long time then when back to Folgers but after a month or two I had to go back to drinking lifeboost decaf.